At long last the site has been given a lick of paint and the new blog has been launched. We were proud to have Boris Johnson switch on the lights but he couldn’t find the light switch so we sent him home.

This site is focused primarily on the Business Intelligence sphere and specifically on the data visualisation element – dashboards to you and I.

So we have some interesting features in the pipeline including full product reviews of some exciting BI visualisation tools.

The guys at Flynet have a new 2012 release of their DataConnect tool, which comes bundled with Xcelsius, so we will be taking an in depth look at the full product suite. The Flynet claim is that DataConnect makes creating Web Services a doddle. The drag-and-drop interface enables developers and business users to connect to a number of data sources and create & share data connections. Tasks are simplified and efficiency is improved.

Also, the PrinterPro plugin for Xcelsius has morphed into something much more than a print facility for your dashboards. We will be putting this product through its paces as well to see if it can deliver on its promises.

There are many BI/Data Visualisation/CMS/Reporting tools out there these days and we will be trialing some of them to see if they measure up.

When it comes to data display requirements there is a full spectrum of users with a broad range of needs. Be it budget constraints, data volumes, portability requirements, large end user base, speed of thought, ease of use, infrastructure limitations, everybody has their individual needs and you will know yours.

In theory there should be the perfect product for your specific needs ready and available right now, but how do you find it? Whether you are a lone bedroom web developer looking for free and simple products or a large corporation looking for enterprise solutions it can be a minefield finding the product to fit your requirements.

Over time we will be expanding our reviews and giving some insight into the capabilities of a range of BI applications and their suitability to a breadth of users.

If you are a vendor and are looking for impartial reviews of your product then drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do for you.

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