Dash Printer for XcelsiusAnother product that I will be reviewing over the coming weeks is Xcelsius Printer Pro from Data Savvy Tools, an Xcelsius add-on that provides print functionality for dashboards. This is an area sorely lacking with out-of-the-box Xcelsius.

Printer Pro (or Dash Printer or Dashboard Printer – I’m not exactly sure which name the Data Savvy guys have settled on) gives you the ability to capture areas of your dashboard (or the entire dashboard) and rearrange into custom views with configurable paging and layout options.

You can then annotate your layouts, adding text commentary to give context to your presentations before outputting to a number of formats, soft and hard.

Xcelsius Dashboard Printer was launched on December 14, 2011 and has undergone a makeover with a more aesthetic and user-friendly UI. At first look it appears to be a highly configurable tool that provides far more than a simple ability to print charts.

I’ll be getting stuck into the nitty gritty and putting the tool to the test to see how well it delivers in an area of Xcelsius that has been a gaping hole until now.

Traditionally, getting your snazzy dashboard to the printer would involve a lot of messing around with SnagIt or Print Screen and then some cropping in Paint before exporting into Word or PowerPoint for final arrangement. It could take an age and would involve much switching between application. Plus we all know what Xcelsius is like when you start to open Office apps in parallel..! Printer Pro removes the need for third party applications making the journey from dashboard to printer (or export file such as JPG, GIF, PNG, PDF) much more seamless and, importantly, crash-resistant.

I will try to get an in depth review out before the 2012 ASUG conference next week. Printer Pro will be on show at ASUG at the InfoSol booth. ASUG takes place in Orlando between September 10th and 13th and InfoSol can be found at booth 104 if you want to check them out.

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  1. Yolande

    We spent the afternoon playing with the Data Savvy Print functionality… adding it to different dashboards that we will be displaying at the InfoSol booth (#104) at ASUG. I must say, we had fun. Looking forward to seeing the reactions at the conference.

    • admin

      Thanks for the info Yolande. It does look a neat tool, I’m looking forward to playing around with the new version. Good luck at ASUG. Cheers, Lee.


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